Ok, this morning I was on my way out the door for a morning meeting when I got the email that made me late; well I made me late, but we're not blaming me!!!

Anyways, I almost blew off the email when I saw the subject "Guess Who's Back" from one of my dear friend Sean Crawford who indidcated that when he heard the news I was the first person he thought of. I opened the email to only be stopped in my tracks when the email stated that an artist, a great inspirator, and a true messenger was releasing a new album. Gil Scott-Heron's last release was in 1994 with the release of "Spirits" and subsequent albums that were "best of" and "definitive collections".

Many poets have studied the works of Gil Scott, and many revolutions have been incited by his art to include hiphop. Many have not heard his voice in current times, but not to worry for his words will fly and his voice will rise from the burning ashes of a cold America. The man that had been long thought dead has arisen and is back with a new album that has only been whispered about as legend in smoky after hour joints for years. He's come out of the shadows to grace the stage and preach once again. For those who are unaware if the contributions of Gil Scott-Heron, he set the stage for hiphop. The poetry and verse that he's given us, like "The Revolution Won't Be Televized", gave Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five their Message. Heron was one of the first to lay the truth on track and pave the way for the beginning of the rap game. At the age of 60 he has no aim at stopping now, and his desciples are standing at the ready.

Check him out here in this video.

and take a listen to "Where Did the Night Go?"


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